What We Believe

At the Northern Lighthouse, we aim to create an environment of acceptance and direction.

Our Mission


We will help people understand and practice God’s standards of love in community.


We will pray for those who are in danger, those who are lost, and thosewho need direction.


We will give of ourselves, our time, and our finances to help those who lack resources.


We will open our homes to each other and to those God brings to us, even strangers.


We will worship the Lord personally and corporately, celebrating who He is and

what He has done for us.


Our Values

God's Word and Spirit must guide us in all of our decisions. God must be known and experienced in worship and daily life. All people matter to God—the young and old, rich and poor, saved and unsaved, male and female, the healthy and the sick—and we are called to love them. Spiritual growth is a process that takes place in community. Leaders must be trained to model what the church is to become. The gospel must be made visible to bring glory to God. All believers are called to unity in order that Jesus may be known. Behavior changes come in the wake of grace and love. The church's message and activities are to be matched to felt needs. Joy and faithfulness in ministry come from focusing on the process rather than the results.