What is the Cluster
Clusters have been called ‘ministry multiplication hubs.’  The idea is this:   Just as the people of the church are called to live life together, so should churches, particularly when working to plant new ministries for the mission of expanding His Kingdom.  Together we can do more for the Kingdom of God than apart.  Together we are stronger and more likely to sustain our impact.

Therefore, working with the generous support of Christian Reformed Home Missions, there is a group of us in Nebraska seeking to work together as like-minded ministries and ministry leaders for the purpose of developing new ministries in the greater Nebraska area.

We meet monthly on the second Wednesday of the month to learn from one another, pray for each other, and dream together.

Currently those who make up the cluster are:

  • Priscella Guerra – Emerging Leaders
  • Jeff Heerspink – Northern Lighthouse (Cluster Leader)
  • Bob Holtrop – Omaha Church Plant
  • Sam Keyzer – Northern Lighthouse, Chaplain at CCCL, Emerging Leaders
  • Jonathan Keyzer – Bolivar House, R12 House, Northern Lighthouse
  • Dan Steen – Prairie Lane CRC

Ministries that make up the cluster

Northern Lighthouse (Lincoln, NE) – yeah, you are on our page so not much to say here.

Prairie Lane (Omaha, NE) – Prairie Lane Church of Omaha is a ‘Family in Christ that Cares about You.’  We work together to bring God’s love to our community as we learn more about His love through our caring relationships with one another.  Our worship services are at 10:30 a.m., and we have many groups and activities for people of all ages at various times during the week.  We are glad to be a part of the Christian Reformed denomination and we partner together with the Northern Lighthouse and others to build up Christian leaders and start new ministries.  Find out more at .

Bolivar House (Lincoln, NE) – The Bolivar house was purchased in March of 2009 by a group of believers desiring to live in community. The focus and mission of the house is:   To live as simply as possible so that more time can be spent with family, neighbors and volunteering in our churches.  Collectively we are involved in 3-4 different churches in Lincoln.  By sharing bills and living with lowered rent, most of us are able to work part time.  Because of this we can help our neighbors with childcare and any other needs that arise.  We have also seen God use our house as a conduit to inspire and challenge many types of believers in Lincoln and beyond.

R12 House (Lincoln, NE)- The R12 house opened in February of 2016.   It serves as a transition house for men paroling out of prison.  The R12 house is an extension of the Bolivar House, RIP and the Northern Lighthouse.
Mission Omaha (Omaha, NE) – Bob and Brenda Holtrop have recently moved to Omaha to start a church plant for the Christian Reformed Church.  They are passionate about the mission of God and the discipleship others for the mission.  If interested in joining them in their work or finding out more you can contact Bob at 712.223.1105.

F street Neighborhood church  (Lincoln, Ne)-  The Northern Lighthouse planted the F street Neighborhood church in 2014.  The church is in the heart of downtown Lincoln and continues to extend acceptance and direction to those who live in that area.  The host a weekly Food Net and also a Farmer’s market during the summer.

Emerging Leaders – Emerging Leaders exists to train up Christ followers to live out the 5C’s (Christ, Community, Character, Calling, and Competency).  For more information you can contact Pastor Sam, via his email listed on the contact page.


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